Ingredients to Avoid

ALUMINUM ingredients: skin irritants, can cause Alzheimer's, lung disease

AMMONIUM ingredients: toxic, carcinogenic

BENZOATES/BENZOPHENONES: implicated in a wide variety of health problems, testicular cancer, cell mutation, and other cancers

BHA & BHT: cancer, encourages the breakdown of vitamins such as vitamin d, can cause lipid and cholesterol levels to increase, endocrine disrupter

CETEARETH: carcinogen

COAL TAR: (petrochemical. look for cade tar or pine tar instead) low-level exposure is linked to cancer

COLORANTS: (fd&c and other coal tar dyes) carcinogens, topical irritants, may cause acne and skin irritations, may contain aluminums, have caused tumors in rats, low-level exposure is linked to cancer

COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE: usually written as derived from palm, however contains a significant petroleum component and can cause serious irritation and allergenic response

DIMETHICONE: (and other methicone ingredients) cancer suspect, caused tumors and mutation in lab animals

DEA ingredients: (all ingredients with DEA after the first word) cause cancer

EMULSIFYING WAXES: (and the "fatty acids") linked to the creation of free radicals and prostaglandin inhibitors

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