Ingredients to Avoid

FORMALDEHYDE: is often hidden in other ingredients, banned in Sweden and Japan mainly because of its inability to inhibit the growth of acid producing bacteria and its implication in cancer

FRAGRANCE: highly allergenic. no one has to list the chemicals used in fragrances. contains large quantities of toxins and chemicals not disclosed.  fragrance-free means that fragrance chemicals have been added to the product to mask the natural aromas of the ingredients

GLYCERIN: look for vegetable glycerin, glycerin without the vegetable qualifier usually means petrochemical

GLYCEROL STEARATE: linked to the creation of free radicals and prostaglandin inhibitors

GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT: synthetic preservatives triclosan, methyl paraben and benzethonium chloride can be added to preserve personal care products, however, companies do not have to list this ingredient since it is contained within the extract

HYDROQUINONE: toxic, irritant, banned in Europe, can cause hyper-pigmentation

IMIDAZALIDOL UREA: strong irritant, releases formaldehyde, toxic

LAURETH FAMILY: (ingredients with laureth, laurate or lauryl extensions) carcinogenic, skin irritants, may be contaminated with large amounts of toxins in manufacturing process, contains ammonium salts, mutagen, acne producing

PABA: may cause formation of nitrosamines, cause photosensitivity, being studied for carcinogenic implications

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